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Meet the Board

headshot_dmitry_richter - D. Richter.png

Senior VP of External Relations and Community Engagement

Dmitry Richter

Dmitry is a physics PhD student at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine/Harvard Medical School. His main research focus is the development of novel optical imaging technologies. Outside the lab he practices breakdance and hustle dance.

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IMG_6396 2 - Lucia Sereni.JPG

Senior VP of Harvard/MIT Case Competition

Lucia Sereni 

Lucia is a postdoctoral fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital in the lab of Dr. Pietro Genovese. Her research focuses on the development of novel personalized cellular therapies for solid tumors, by exploiting cutting-edge gene-editing technologies. Lucia got her Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine, Basic and Applied Immunology program, at the Vita-Salute San-Raffaele University in Milano.

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DZhang_photo - Dawei Zhang.jpg

Senior VP of Harvard/MIT Case Competition

Dawei Zhang

Dawei is a PhD student in the Program of Neuroscience at Harvard. His thesis work in the lab of Dr. David Ginty focuses on the functions and neural circuits of primary somatosensory neurons.

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